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apeman45 Avatar
apeman45 wrote: Apr 29, 2021 23:21:08 GMT -8
Plz help 4 months and no solution forum.gigabyte.us/thread/12106/help-replacement-4000c-ribon-cable
alternety Avatar
alternety wrote: Apr 29, 2021 15:06:00 GMT -8
Aparently no one was interested in my post. Current results just for jollies. New cables, new power supply, different keyboard. Power on and a very short pulse of blue under the heat sinks. # nine on manual. *
battousai12 Avatar
battousai12 wrote: Apr 27, 2021 19:53:23 GMT -8
forum.gigabyte.us/thread/12115/z590-aorus-elite-drive-issue any help would be lovely. thanks.
toriga Avatar
toriga wrote: Apr 27, 2021 13:58:23 GMT -8
The last update dates back to more than a month ago, gigabytes but what happened to you, this bios is buggy to the max, where is the stable version?
We are in May, the AMD fix should be out in mid-April.
You can move.
Thank you.
apeman45 Avatar
apeman45 wrote: Apr 27, 2021 5:01:13 GMT -8
If anyone can help plz forum.gigabyte.us/thread/12106/help-replacement-4000c-ribon-cable
joem1 Avatar
joem1 wrote: Apr 25, 2021 14:34:19 GMT -8
I have a B450MDS3H V2 with a LAN issue. anyone seen this before?
Karmadyota Avatar
Karmadyota wrote: Apr 25, 2021 6:29:41 GMT -8
When will the B360 Motherboards of Gigabyte will get resizable bar support?
toriga Avatar
toriga wrote: Apr 24, 2021 6:39:49 GMT -8
Bios Beta of 570x is stopped from 1 month. Can you update please. How many times we have to wait. *
navig Avatar
navig wrote: Apr 23, 2021 21:17:20 GMT -8
Just want to say Hi! Just registered, see my thread on helping me get my Aorus X570 Xtreme boot to my Intel 950p PCIe. Thanks!
alternety Avatar
alternety wrote: Apr 23, 2021 12:27:32 GMT -8
I have a X570 Aorus ULTRA. Many months. I have never been able to make it work. Sent it to a a computer repair business - ZERO. Than I found this site. Scares the Hell out of me; and I still do not have a functioning PC. Will updates make it current. *
mcglynnj Avatar
mcglynnj wrote: Apr 23, 2021 1:59:06 GMT -8
kshipper: Yes... but you twice went out-of-scope in your response... *heartbreak*
kshipper Avatar
kshipper wrote: Apr 22, 2021 12:46:49 GMT -8
mcglynnj: I have more experience with AMD but I did post on your thread. =)
mcglynnj Avatar
mcglynnj wrote: Apr 22, 2021 10:41:43 GMT -8
kshipper: I already have. forum.gigabyte.us/thread/12072
kshipper Avatar
kshipper wrote: Apr 22, 2021 9:05:16 GMT -8
mcglynnj: You should make a post in the forums on the left here with as much info as you can about your problem(s) ..list parts used to build your machine. Did you build it yourself. What did you try to do to fix it etc.. *
mcglynnj Avatar
mcglynnj wrote: Apr 22, 2021 0:32:48 GMT -8
Need help with a fault on my Z390 I AORUS PRO WIFI board and eSupport are just making life so difficult and unnerving for me... Been at this for almost a year...
rheady32 Avatar
rheady32 wrote: Apr 21, 2021 6:10:13 GMT -8
nvr buying gigabyte again. YOU ARE TRASH AND SO IS YOUR SOFTWARE. GO make case fans or something......... on second thought dont....
7brn Avatar
7brn wrote: Apr 20, 2021 17:50:34 GMT -8
Hi I am trying to download the bios version F5b for my aorus b460 but I get an error everytime I click on download anyone can help me?
dammitflint Avatar
dammitflint wrote: Apr 19, 2021 14:07:23 GMT -8
"*Caution! For Intel® Celeron® users, this BIOS is limited to processors with 4MB Intel® Smart Cache, Intel Celeron® G5xx5 family ONLY!" is written under the most recent update.
dammitflint Avatar
dammitflint wrote: Apr 19, 2021 14:06:29 GMT -8
I have an h470 hd3 that I recently installed and I'm trying to update my bios from the f2 version. I'm only concerned as to which version to update to. I see that the latest bios update for this model has a warning that confuses me about whether its right.
philuk11 Avatar
philuk11 wrote: Apr 19, 2021 1:40:21 GMT -8
Found i needed to install the software from C: drive
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