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kshipper wrote: May 17, 2021 8:01:58 GMT -8
truewesterner82: Use this website and download the tool that will create a proper bootable flash drive for you:
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truewesterner82 wrote: May 17, 2021 7:11:25 GMT -8
Hi, I have a new build using a Z590 UD and a i9-10850K. It posts fine, but I am not having any luck booting from a USB flash drive. In the Boot Options section of the BIOS, there is only one option: "BOOT OPTION #1: UEFI: Flash, Partition 1 (Flash)". Help!
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doesnotwork wrote: May 16, 2021 7:34:29 GMT -8 --- Any help appreciated! :') *
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mikebee wrote: May 15, 2021 9:36:44 GMT -8
Did you have problems with F32? I just went to 34, and I can only run their optimized settings.
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penier wrote: May 12, 2021 23:03:08 GMT -8
gigabyte can u delete your defective company?
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lahines100 wrote: May 12, 2021 21:40:36 GMT -8
I am trying to get the x570 elite mother board 1with Ryzen 5 3600 processor to work with the GEFORCE GTX 960 video card. when turned on all fans work, lights turn on but just a blank screen. I have reset the CMOS, flashed F11 sent mb to Gigabyte for servic
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hardcoregames wrote: May 12, 2021 15:53:57 GMT -8
put some chassis fans in your rig
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penier wrote: May 12, 2021 0:20:18 GMT -8
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kshipper wrote: May 11, 2021 12:34:25 GMT -8
whale332: I answered ya'...=)
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whale332 wrote: May 9, 2021 14:41:51 GMT -8
hope somebody have a solution for me i hope u will answer me *
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johnau wrote: May 9, 2021 6:25:36 GMT -8
Hi everyone i am posting first time i have some issues i hope i can find a way how to enable on board graphic card. in the bios i can find integrated display Aorus b550 ax v2 elite bios menu shows favoriteF11, Tweaker, settings, system inf, bios, save exit
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mcglynnj wrote: May 9, 2021 2:59:13 GMT -8
Found out the problem with my CPU_FAN header, it's not the PWM control, but how the UEFI/BIOS controls the +12v pin!
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hardcoregames wrote: May 7, 2021 19:42:18 GMT -8
RAID0 is not going to deal with any problems. Modern M.2 NVMe SSD are fast enough.
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slanj wrote: May 7, 2021 10:58:07 GMT -8
I have a B550M Aorus Pro v1.0. I used the bios AMD RAID Utility to create a RAID0 Volume. When I try to load Win10 it doesn't see the SSD array. Using Samsung EVO 840 Pro SSD's and the onboard RAID. I've downloaded the AMD RAID driver pack, no diff.
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dav221 wrote: May 7, 2021 8:39:49 GMT -8
Hello, i have a problem whit ram slots of a z590 aorus elite, doesnt work the first and second and the red light turns on and a strange sound advises for something. The third and four only let me use one ram whit no problem.
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apeman45 wrote: Apr 29, 2021 23:21:08 GMT -8
Plz help 4 months and no solution
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alternety wrote: Apr 29, 2021 15:06:00 GMT -8
Aparently no one was interested in my post. Current results just for jollies. New cables, new power supply, different keyboard. Power on and a very short pulse of blue under the heat sinks. # nine on manual. *
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battousai12 wrote: Apr 27, 2021 19:53:23 GMT -8 any help would be lovely. thanks.
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toriga wrote: Apr 27, 2021 13:58:23 GMT -8
The last update dates back to more than a month ago, gigabytes but what happened to you, this bios is buggy to the max, where is the stable version?
We are in May, the AMD fix should be out in mid-April.
You can move.
Thank you.
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apeman45 wrote: Apr 27, 2021 5:01:13 GMT -8
If anyone can help plz
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