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eelstrebor wrote: Feb 15, 2020 16:01:38 GMT -8
My H370 HD3 came with BIOS F13 so it was ready for gen9 cpu (i5-9600). I upgraded the BIOS to F14 though.
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mypearl wrote: Feb 14, 2020 7:50:10 GMT -8
d4 was resolved by me moving memory to the "2's" slots, i had them on the "1's". Hope this helps.
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baer wrote: Feb 12, 2020 14:38:13 GMT -8
Sorry stop code 4d
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baer wrote: Feb 12, 2020 14:36:03 GMT -8
My computer just went black. I have tried to reboot but it does not boot, can not even get into the BIOS. Error code 3d What can I try?
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bigdave wrote: Feb 9, 2020 15:51:50 GMT -8
steveoh, Yes the GIGABYTE H370 HD3 will run the Core I5-9600k. You will need BIOS F11 or higher. Use W10.
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steveoh wrote: Feb 9, 2020 14:18:41 GMT -8
GIGABYTE H370 HD3 (LGA1151/Intel/USB 3.1 Gen 2 (USB3.1) Type A/HDMI/M.2/ATX/DDR4/Motherboard) I have on of these,,,?? will a Intel Core i5-9600K Coffee Lake 6-Core 3.7 GHz (4.6 GHz Turbo) LGA 1151, be compatable on the Motherboard above....????? Tks4 Help.
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intender wrote: Feb 5, 2020 19:09:09 GMT -8
Also you would be limited to gen 3 speeds on all the gen 4 devices. Best case scenario with 2 m.2 drives you would get 8000 MB/s transfer speeds, but I wouldnt expect real world to get more than 5000-6000
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intender Avatar
intender wrote: Feb 5, 2020 19:06:51 GMT -8
Possibly not. I do not know if that card requires bifurcation or not, and I do not know if the designare supports bifurcation. If it does work somehow you would be limited to 2 m.2 drives in x8 slot unless you plan to not use a dedicated gpu.
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z390d wrote: Feb 4, 2020 19:45:55 GMT -8
I am considering a purchase of the following hardware and want to make sure it's all compatible:
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dw74 wrote: Feb 2, 2020 16:18:43 GMT -8
Thurasiz that's good to know. Do they offer support there? *
thurasiz Avatar
thurasiz wrote: Feb 2, 2020 2:36:15 GMT -8
They made a discord server which there more active in then this.
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fukes123 wrote: Feb 1, 2020 18:15:09 GMT -8
B450m DS3H mobo help needed. BIOS screen is just static instead of showing the UI. Created a thread under the AMD mobo AM4 section.
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dw74 wrote: Jan 31, 2020 18:48:17 GMT -8
Gigabyte makes and sells a lot of boards. Why is this forum so dead?
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pichuca wrote: Jan 31, 2020 9:17:22 GMT -8

Thanks for the information, but I have the motherboard GA-H110M-S2H-GSM and what is the cpu i needed for that motherboard
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medizinmann wrote: Jan 31, 2020 1:21:02 GMT -8
New Version of DRAM Calc ist out!
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intender Avatar
intender wrote: Jan 29, 2020 20:30:24 GMT -8
that cpu would require at minimum a h310 motherboard
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pichuca wrote: Jan 28, 2020 10:40:55 GMT -8
Someone please helpThe GA-H110M-S2H-GSM motherboard is compatible?? with Intel Pentium Gold G5400 Desktop Processor 2 Core 3.7GHz LGA1151 300 Series 54W / 58W BX80684G5400 *
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jgarrett2 wrote: Jan 28, 2020 8:13:42 GMT -8
If anybody is available I would really appreciate some help. forum.gigabyte.us/post/39119/thread *
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bsmith27 wrote: Jan 23, 2020 15:51:18 GMT -8
Go with F10 - its solid and for gaming, it has a better single core performance. There are many complaints about F11 which is pretty much the same as F12a beta. But try them out for your self and see which one suites you.
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torma3d wrote: Jan 23, 2020 12:36:44 GMT -8
Greetings Giga-Community, I just built a Threadripper workstation on a Trx40 Designare motherboard.It all worked beautifully except for the Titan Ridge Card install. Going to read through some post but may be back with some questions. Saying hello!