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ancientl Avatar
ancientl wrote: Mar 12, 2019 15:20:19 GMT -8
I swear that i saw the option before, when i first had the board.. it seems they removed it.
ancientl Avatar
ancientl wrote: Mar 12, 2019 15:19:54 GMT -8
Why is HPET not visible in the bios anymore?
scaramonga Avatar
scaramonga wrote: Mar 9, 2019 19:06:14 GMT -8
1. VRM Capability, 2. Layout, 3. Features, 4. Asthetics *
vanowm Avatar
vanowm wrote: Mar 9, 2019 16:44:15 GMT -8
What is the most important features you are looking for when choosing a motherboard?
scaramonga Avatar
scaramonga wrote: Feb 25, 2019 21:03:38 GMT -8
Kids!, in a mans world :) ;) *
vanowm Avatar
vanowm wrote: Feb 25, 2019 15:18:45 GMT -8
How about you just leave? Change email address of the account and forget it ever existed.
nubone Avatar
nubone wrote: Feb 22, 2019 20:53:16 GMT -8
Hello...needd help why my pc Ethernet connection unavailable in network adapters... done update driver.. said already install the driver.... mobo b360m, windows 10pro,i5-8400
djbillyd Avatar
djbillyd wrote: Feb 22, 2019 13:51:02 GMT -8
So I guess nobody knows what I'm talking about, huh?
bigdave Avatar
bigdave wrote: Feb 22, 2019 7:15:14 GMT -8
c2Lt357357, I have seen issues where certain dimms will cause graphic adapter issues. You might look for a BIOS update or use different dimms. Check the QVL and use matching dimms.
c2lt357357 Avatar
c2lt357357 wrote: Feb 21, 2019 10:35:16 GMT -8
Mobo:GA-970A-DS3P (2.1).I have 2-8GB sticks installed. If add 2-4GB sticks, when Windows loads, device manager reports Code 43 for display adapter. Take the additional RAM out and works again. I've tried memory configs where same capacity is in slots 1/2,
djbillyd Avatar
djbillyd wrote: Feb 20, 2019 20:29:39 GMT -8
I can boot to the DVD, and press a key to start the disc. But after that, I get nothing but the scramble thingy I told you about earlier.
djbillyd Avatar
djbillyd wrote: Feb 20, 2019 20:28:13 GMT -8
I got an issue. I have a B450 that I just installed. I have a Radeon 5450 video card for display. The screen has a scrambled pattern that keeps coming up, then it goes away and leaves a blank screen. The board will post on start up, and I can go into BIOS.
shtrebanmax Avatar
shtrebanmax wrote: Feb 20, 2019 9:01:37 GMT -8
Hi, guys.I need help from an American. If you are interested, write to me in telegram @artur_Svetlov
dalaibrahma Avatar
dalaibrahma wrote: Feb 19, 2019 11:32:27 GMT -8
Why I can not go cpu Vid more than 1,365V in X470 aoug ?? Is there biosmod for it?
dalaibrahma Avatar
dalaibrahma wrote: Feb 19, 2019 11:30:46 GMT -8
Hi, Guys! I am Brazilian.. Sorry my porr English.
chong83 Avatar
chong83 wrote: Feb 16, 2019 7:32:57 GMT -8
check the task manager which software progress use high CPU or SSD
totallypissedoff Avatar
totallypissedoff wrote: Feb 16, 2019 5:02:17 GMT -8
Try downloading, and installing the Aorus Graphics Engine directly from the Gigabyte website. Installing from the disk is not the best idea, as it is most likely an older version of the software.
dvojinov Avatar
dvojinov wrote: Feb 14, 2019 2:59:58 GMT -8
hello , does someone knows where to download older version of Aours VGA tool 1.52?
vanowm Avatar
vanowm wrote: Feb 13, 2019 16:12:37 GMT -8
, you need connect your monitor to motherboard, enter bios and set PCI-E graphic card as primary.
bigdave Avatar
bigdave wrote: Feb 13, 2019 12:41:06 GMT -8
spaceweasel,Use the NVIDIA Control Panel -->Help-->system information.
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